Dunstan Baby Language DVD $10 (Warren)

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  • Dunstan Baby Language DVD  $10 (Warren)
  • Dunstan Baby Language DVD  $10 (Warren)
Dunstan Baby Language DVD - A must have for new or expecting moms! Learn the universal language of babies and how your baby communicates in order to be a betyer parent and better take care of their needs. Happier Baby, happier mom!

As announced in an exclusive interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Australian mother Priscilla Dunstan has the world talking with the discovery of the secret language of babies. This breakthrough in infant care is the result of one mother's intuition that began nearly a decade of investigation and international research. The Dunstan Baby Language DVD teaches parents the 5 cries all newborns use to communicate their everyday needs from day 1. You will know when your baby is hungry, tired, needs burping, has lower wind or is simply uncomfortable. By learning this System parents are able to settle their baby faster, resulting in happier babies who sleep longer and cry less - something every new parent would wish for.


'Nothing is as thrilling as becoming a new mom', says Dr. Maureen O Brien, PhD, child development expert and best selling author of Watch Me Grow: I'm One-Two-Three. 'And nothing is as daunting as having a crying newborn. Mothers everywhere know the feeling of enormous love and responsibility that is the hallmark of becoming a new parent. When I first encountered the work of Dunstan Baby in 2006, the story had already caught the attention of key influencers and the media worldwide, including Oprah Winfrey. I was captivated by the System's potential to empower new parents. To be able to listen and know what an infant needs would revolutionize the experience of parenting... from trial and error (lots of error!) to calm and confident caregiving. It would enable parents to develop a deeper bond of understanding, love and trust with their baby and also with each other. What better way to support new families...' --Dr. Maureen O'Brien, Child Development Expert and Published Author

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