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  • favorite this post           AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO BOOKSAVEDON,PENN,HIRO,LEIBOVITS,etc. Starting at:  $99 (SoHo)                     hide this posting                unhide
  • favorite this post           AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO BOOKSAVEDON,PENN,HIRO,LEIBOVITS,etc. Starting at:  $99 (SoHo)                     hide this posting                unhide
  • favorite this post           AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO BOOKSAVEDON,PENN,HIRO,LEIBOVITS,etc. Starting at:  $99 (SoHo)                     hide this posting                unhide
  • favorite this post           AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO BOOKSAVEDON,PENN,HIRO,LEIBOVITS,etc. Starting at:  $99 (SoHo)                     hide this posting                unhide
Someone inquired about the autographs being the real thing & this was my reply; A lot of these books were purchased at the Rizzoli bookstores in New York City & they used to have a store a couple of blocks away. I'd usually go there to see what they had after dinner every couple of weeks. They occasionally have book signings and there are Rizzoli stickers on some of the books. It took enough time just to go buy all the books. As you can see for yourself from my photos I show of my book shelf. It has taken a few years to collect all of these. I am also in the photo industry & have met some of these authors at their gallery openings and still have the card for the opening inside.

Looking for a truly unique gift idea? AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO BOOKS-AVEDON, PENN, HIRO, LIEBOVITS, ETC; All books are in super great condition. Most from the bookstore to artist to my personal bookshelf. I am not a dealer but have collected these books for years. Some books start at $99 each(Sid Avery, Hollywood At Home) & some books will go around $1000 (Avedon) each. Meanwhile if you have an interest in a certain photographer please feel free to inquire. About 90% of these books are autographed. They are all for sale so make an offer, otherwise I have many of these listed on Amazon along with the prices.

TheClassAds requires a price to be able to create this listing. I put on $99 as a starting price for the cheaper books. All books will vary in price and as the market may dictate values of books going up & down in value and the prices reflect changes in these values. Some books will cost more than $99 and a some will be less. Thanks!!

H/B=Hard Bound, S/C=Soft Cover, P/C= Dust Jacket, LOC=Library Of Congress, B/C= Barcode?

Irving Penn- Issey Miyake, h/b with perfect d/j. SINGED BY BOTH Irving Penn & Issey Miyake A highly desirable First Edition.
Ansel Adams- The Negative. H/b, p/c. Isbn:0-8212-1131-5
Ruven Afanador- Torero. Signed, H/b, p/c. b/c:9783908163480, isbn:3-908163-48-X
Richard Avedon. Personalized inscription from Michele. H/b, p/c. LOC#78-50653
Richard Avedon- Evidence. Signed h/b, p/c. Isbn:0-224-03965-2
Richard Avedon- An Autobiography. Signed, original box, h/b,p/c 1st ed. Isbn:0-679-40921-1
Sid Avery, Hollywood At Home. Signed, h/b, p/c. Isbn:1-56731-285-3

Gianpaolo Barbieri- Tahiti Tattoos. Signed & red thumbprint (NY Clic Gallery opening)
Peter Beard- Fifty Years Of Portraits. Signed & footprint, f/b. Isbn:1892041-15-4
Karl Blosfeldt. H/b, p/c. B/c:9783822834817, isbn:3-8228-3481-5
Blumenfeld- Photographs Passion For Beauty. H/b, p/c.B/c:9780810931459, LOC#96-84385, isbn:0-809-3145-1
Gordon Buehrig, Rollng Sculpture. Signed personal. (w/letter) loc#75-10918, isbn:0-87799-045-X

Chic Simple Body. Signed, h/b, p/c. B/c:9780679432241, isbn:0-679-43224-8
Larry Clark, Tulsa, signed, isbn:0-8021-1677-9
Colophon. H/b, p/c. Isbn:0-944092-84-5
Arnold Crane- On The Other Side Of The Camera. Signed, h/v. P/c. B/c:9783895080937, isbn:3-89508-093-4

Patrick Demarchelier- Forms. Signed, h/b, p/c. B/c:9780847821600 57500, isbn:0-8478-2160-9
Patrick Demarchelier. Signed, h/b, p/c. Isbn:0-8212-2169-8
Jim Dine. Signed b/c:9783882432404, isbn:3-88243-240-3
Sante D'Orazio- A Private View. H/b. B/c:9780670882519 90000, isbn:0-670-88251-8
Sante D'Orazio, Photographs. Signed, h/b. Isbn:1-892041-30-8, loc#00-132752
Frantisek Dritikol- Fotograf. H/b, p/c. B/c:978808519031, isbn:80-85190-3-1

Arthur Elgort- Models Manual. Signed isbn:0-9639236-0-9
Elliot Erwitt- Dog Days. signed Phaidon, p/b, b/c: 9780714838052
Elliot Erwitt- Snaps. Signed (gallery card), h/b, p/c. B/c:9780714841502, isbn:0-7148-4150-1

Fashion & Surrealism. H/b, p/c. Isbn:0-8478-0831-9
Douglas Kirkland- An Evening With Marilyn. Signed, h/b, p/c (opening info). B/c:9781932183733, isbn:1-932183-73-6

Gilbert & George- Athens 2001. signed (Athens Exhibition letter) h/b
Ralph Gibson- Deus Machina. Signed, h/b, p/c. B/c:9783822866078, isbn;3-8228-6607-5
Terry Gilliam- Dark Knights & Unholy Fools, Signed by TG & BM. B/c:9780789302656 90000 isbn:0-7893-0265-9
Nan Golden- I'll Be Your Mirror. Signed, h/b, p/c. Isbn:3-93114133-0
Greek Style- Suzanne Slesin, Stafford Cliff & David Rozensztroch.B/c:97805175068743 90000, isbn:0-517-56874-8
Greg Gorman, Inside Life. Signed, h/b, isbn:0-8478-1998-1
Greg Gorman- In Their Youth. Signed, h/b, p/c. Isbn:978-88-6208-097-2
Marco Glaviano- Models Sittings 1978-1988. signed personalized, h/b, p/c. B/c:9783895080937, isbn:1-55824-068-3
Graphis- Photo Annual 2002. sealed new, h/b, p/c. Isbn:1-93124103-1
Graphis- Photo Annual 2001. sealed new, h/b, p/c. B/c:9781888001907, isbn:1-888001-90-9
Graphis Nudes-3. H/b, p/c. B/c:9781888001662, isbn:1-888001-66-6

Harpers Bazaar. H/b, LOC#67-22634
Hiro. Signed, h/b, p/c. B/c:9780821225929 9000, isbn:0-8212-2592-8
The Historty Of Photography- Cameras, ictures, Photographers, Johann Wilsbefer. Bad binding, h/b, p/c. Isbn:0-385-12664-6
George Holz- Original Sin. S/b
Grace Kelly In Film. Schirmer's Zwolf. P/b. Isbn:3-88814-146-X

I Am A Camera. B/c:9-78161-5422052, isbn:1-86154-205-4
The Image Makers. H/b, p/c. Isbn:0-517-376008

Jonvelle. Isbn:3-8290-0008-1
Jonvelle. H/v, p/c. B/c:9781893263000 90000, isbn:1-893263-00-2
Karsh. H/b, p/c. Isbn:0-82122549-3
Kelly Klein- Underworld. Signed, h/b,p/c. 1st edition. Isbn:0679-43579-4
Doris Kloster. Signed, signed, h/v p/c. B/c:9783822888759, isbn:3-8228-8875-3
John Kobal- The Art Of Great Hollywood Portrait Photographers, Isbn:0-394=42862-5
Rudolph Koppitz 1889-1956. h/b, p/c. Isbn:0-87414-099-4
Junko Koshino, Louis Stettner. H/b, p/c (various collateral). Isbn:9900286-1-9

David Lachapelle, Lachapelleland. Signed, s/c,h/b. B/c:9780684833026 55000, isbn:0-684-83302-6
David LaChapelle- Hotel LaChapelle. Signed, s/c, h/b. B/c:9780821226360 90000, isbn:0-8212-2636-3
Karl Lagefrfeld- The Emporer;s New Clothes. S/c, h/v. Isbn:0-87113-527-2
Le Passe Compose'- Photo Copies Les 6X15, De Jacques- Henri Lartigue. H/v, p/c. Isbn:2-66754-015-1
Annie Liebovitz- Photographs 1970-1980. Signed personalized, h/b, p/c. LOC#90-56384, isbn:0-06-016608-8
Peter Limbergh. Signed, h/b, p/c. B/c:9782843231155, isbn: show contact info
Peter Limbergh- Photographs. Signed personalized, h/b, p/c. B/c:9783888141171, isbn:3-88814-117-6
Peter Limbergh, Ten Women. Signed, h/b. B/c:9783823814160, isbn:3-8238-1416-8.
O. Winston Link- Steam, Steel & Stars. H/b, p/c. B/c:9780810916456, isbn:0-8109-1645-2
George Platt Lynes- Photographs 1941-1955. marked not for sale h/b, p/c. Isbn:0-942642-01-5

Madonna- Sex. Ser#0673963, LOC#92-73419, isbn:0-446-51732-1, 1st Edition
Brice Marden. Signed h/b, p/c.(gallery opening & reception).
Mary Ellen Mark, American Odessey. Signed, h/b, p/c. B/c:9780893818807 05000, isbn:0-89381-880-1
Mary Ellen Mark- Fifty Five. Signed. B/c:9780714840468, isbn:0-7148-4046-7
Isaac Mizrahi- Sandee The Supermodel. Signed s/c, b/c:9780684835112 52995, isbn:0-684-83511-8
Bert Morgan, Dog Shows. B/c:9780811826877 900000, isbn:0-8118-2687-2
Robert Lee Morris, Artwear. Isbn:0-9614771-0-5
Thierry Mugler, Fashion, Fetish, Fantasy. Signed. B/c: 9781575441054 54500. isbn:1-57544-105-5

Horst Namann- New York Vertical. Signed (large copy) h/c, p/c. B/c:9783823821199, isbn:3-8238-2119-9
Francois Nars- Xray. Signed h/b, p/c. B/c:9781576870358 90000, isbn:1-57687-035-9
Nelly's- Athens New York. (gallery opening card) s/b. Isbn:960-7418-27-1
Arnold Newman. Signed, h/b, p/c. B/c:9783822871935, isbn;3-8228-7193-1
Helmut Newton. P/b. Isbn:0-930186005-2 2 copies- 1 is autographed.
Helmut Newton, Pola Women, signed s/b, isbn:3-88814-749-2
Dorothy Norman- Photo Secession, Stieglitz & the Fine Art Movement By Photography, Robert Doty(w/Dorothy Norman NYT Obituary). Loc#77-20467, isbn:0-486-23588-2

Yoko Ono, Grapefruit. B/c:9780743201 1000, isbn:0-7432-0110-8
Irving Penn, Passage. Signed, h/b, p/c. B/c:978067940490 59999, isbn:0-679-4049-0
Len Prince- About Glamour. Signed, b/c:9780684836232 54000, isbn:0-684-83623-8

Man Ray. H/b, p/c. B/c:9780810942776 90000, isbn:0-8109-4277-1
Paolo Reversi, Nudi. Signed,. S/b, s/c, (w/PDN article). Isbn:2-9508915-1-9

Jan Saudek. H/b, p/c. B/c:9783822874295, isbn:3-8228-7429-9
Scavullo. Signed, h/b, p/c. Isbn:0-06-015230-3
Marcus Schenkenberg, New Rules. Signed personal. B/c:9780789300942 90000, isbn:0-7893-0094X
Mark Seliger- Physiognomy. Signed, h/b, p/c, (gallery opening). B/c:9780821-225981 90000, isbn:0-8212-2598-7
Sieff- 40 Years Of Photography, Jeanloup Sieff. Signed, h/b, p/c. B/c:9783822885734, isbn:3-8228-8573-8
Jeanloup Sieff D errieres. Signed, h/b, p/c. B/c:9782877142496
Jeanloup Sieff. Signed, H/b, p/c. B/c:9783822893579, isbn:3-8228-9357-9

Skrebneski- The First Fifty Years. Signed, h/v, p/c. Isbn:3-908163-05-6
Skrebneski, Portraits- A Matter Of Record. Signed, h/b, p/c. (bad binding). 1st edition. LOC#78-18566, isbn:0-385-14623_X
Snowdon- Photographs- A Retrospective. Signed h/b, b/c:9781855142725, isbn:1-85514-272-4
Snowdon- A Photographic Autobiography. Signed isbn:0-8129-0848-1
Melvin Sokolsky- Seeing Fashion. Signed (mag. Article), h/b, p/c. Isbn:1-892041-36-7
Bert Stern- The Last Sitting. Signed, h/v, p/c. Isbn:0-68801173-X
Edward Steichen, A Life In Photoraphy. Isbn:0-517-468050

Alfred Stieglitz- Camera Work-Pictorial Guide. p/b. b/c:9780486235912, isbn:0-486-23591-2
Alfred Stieglitz- Georgia O'Keefe. Personalized Michele, h/b, s/c p/c. Isbn:0-87099-182-5
Alfred Steiglitz- Camera Work, The Complete & Illustrations 1902-1917 b/c:9783822880722, isbn:3-8228-8072-8
Jock Sturges. H/b, p/c. Isbn:3-931141-3
Jock Sturges, Radiant Identities h/b b/c:9780893815950 54000, isbn:0-8931-595-0
Sous Le Ciel De Paris. Signed, h/b, b/c:9782840960294

Joyce Tennyson, Light Warriors. Signed, isbn:0-8212-2698-3
Eric Tomberlin. Signed. Isbn:0-9647952-0-5
Veronique Vial, Women Before 10AM. Signed, isbn:1-57687-039-1
Ellen Von Unwerth. Signed, h/b. Isbn:3-8238-0367-0
Ellen Von Unwerth, Wicked. Signed, h/b, p/c. B/c:9783823803683, isbn:38328-0368-9

William Wegman- Wegmanology. Signed, h/b, p/c. B/c:978078684504,isbn:078680450-5
The Waking Dream, Gilman Paper Co. isbn:0810964279
Albert Watson- Cyclops. Signed 1st ed, h/b, p/c.LOC#94-/77015, isbn:08212-2141-8
Xingu Chronicles- Per Frongh 1998. signed (gallery opening) h/b. Isbn:0-9648340-6-5
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