HERE'S THE STORY by MAUREEN McCORMICK, 2009 ItBooks, 288 pg, Paperback $9 (The Village Of Kenmore, N.Y.)

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  • HERE'S THE STORY by MAUREEN McCORMICK, 2009 ItBooks, 288 pg, Paperback  $9 (The Village Of Kenmore, N.Y.)
  • HERE'S THE STORY by MAUREEN McCORMICK, 2009 ItBooks, 288 pg, Paperback  $9 (The Village Of Kenmore, N.Y.)

Hello! I am delighted to present One (1) Copy of "HERE'S THE STORY: SURVIVING MARCIA BRADY AND FINDING MY TRUE VOICE" by MAUREEN McCORMICK for sale on Craig'sList of Buffalo, New York.

This "NEW YORK TIMES" BESTSELLING MEMOIR remains in BRAND NEW, UNREAD Condition, and was published and copyrighted (c)2009 by IT BOOKS, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. It is a 288-PAGE PAPERBACK Edition which originally retailed for US$14.99, but is currently available new on {where it has earned a Four Star Rating} for $12.99.

*From the BACK COVER . . . . . For countless adolescents across America who came of age in the early 1970s, Marcia Brady, eldest daughter on television's The Brady Bunch, was the ideal American teenager. But what viewers didn't know about the always sunny, always perfect Marcia was that Maureen McCormick, the young actress who portrayed her, was living a very different--and not-so-wonderful--life.

In Here's the Story, Maureen takes us behind the scenes of America's favorite television family--and reveals with poignancy and candor how she landed on the dark side, caught up in a fast-paced, drug-fueled, star-studded Hollywood nightmare that led to the biggest, most important battle of her life. This brave, hard-hitting memoir exposes a side of a beloved pop-culture icon the paparazzi missed. Yet ultimately it is also a story of success and survival--an empowering, engaging, shocking, and emotional true tale of a young woman's lifelong battle to come to terms with the idea of perfection...and with herself.

*ABOUT THE AUTHOR . . . . . Born in 1956, Maureen McCormick began her career at the age of six after winning the Baby Miss San Fernando Valley beauty pageant. She appeared in numerous commercials for brands such as Mattel and Kool-Aid, and performed in early episodes of Bewitched and My Three Sons before landing the starring role as Marcia Brady in the groundbreaking sitcom The Brady Bunch, which aired in prime time from 1969 to 1974. McCormick is also a singer and voice-over actor who has made a number of appearances in television and movie roles during her long career. She recently returned to television as a cast member of VH1's Celebrity Fit Club and won! She lives in Southern California with her husband and daughter.

For reference, the ISBN for this English-language publication is 978-0-06-149015-6.

Should you be genuinely interested in Maureen McCormick's "Here's The Story," please call and/or text message me directly at show contact info and don't be shy about possibly having to leave a voicemail message as I will get back to you just as soon as possible. This posting will be withdrawn once this softcover book has been sold.

Thank you very much in advance for your time and consideration. I will certainly be looking forward to hearing from you shortly. In the interim, do take care and Have A Very Brady Day! :-)
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