Madshus Vintage Ski $175 (Princeton)

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  • Madshus Vintage Ski  $175 (Princeton)
  • Madshus Vintage Ski  $175 (Princeton)
  • Madshus Vintage Ski  $175 (Princeton)
Madshus Vintage Ski for sale, made in Norway. Lenght 75 inches, good condition nice and clean, plus two original bamboo vintage poles, size 53.1 " 135 cm. Nobody use it, but don't forget this is a nice old piece. Please give me a call at: show contact info , or E-mail me Thank You ! Joseph

1906 to 1916 - Vardal, Norway
1916 to 1936 - Gjøvik, Norway
1936 to 1973 - Lillehammer, Norway
1973 to present - Biri, Norway

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c.a. 1950s

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Madshus ski from the late 1960's

Madshus racing ski ca. 1968 ***

Madshus Birkebeiner trade mark first used in August of 1970

Martin Madshus worked for four years with organ builder Peter Berntzen. During this time, he honed his woodworking skills. He decided to start a ski factory and did so in a barn in 1906 in Vardal, Norway.

The first Madshus skis were made from single pieces of wood, trimmed, carved and finished with hand tools. Some of the tools used in this traditional production are still found on display at the present Madshus factory in the town of Biri.

Even in the earliest days of Madshus skis, with little distinction between Nordic and Alpine styles of skiing, Madshus was a leader in innovation.

Major advances in construction came in the form of glued laminate skis in 1934. This multiple- layer construction gave more strength, lighter weight and more mobility to skis. Madshus moved the factory to Lillehammer in 1936.

Laminated skis allowed Madshus to produce more specialized skis, for alpine skiing, for the mountains, for trails, and eventually for specialized track skiing and racing. Cross country skiing became the backbone of the growing Winter Olympic Games movement, and skiing of all types spread around the world,.

The Madshus factory flourished in the heart of Norway, where people know and love the benefit of fine skis. Madshus combined the traditional art of ski-making with continuing technological advances, new designs and materials.

At Madshus, there was an inherent understanding of what a good ski should feel like.
The result was skis that people loved to take skiing.

In the 1950s there became more distinction between Nordic and Alpine skis, while Madshus continued Alpine ski production until 1964. Becoming a specialist after 1964, Madshus built a leadership role in the many types of cross country skiing.

Popularity of cross country worldwide grew spectacularly in the 1970s, and the wood Madshus Birkebeiner ski, a beautiful and multifunctional touring ski, became a favorite symbol of the boom. Madshus created the Skilom brand name in the early 1970s, and together with Norwegian boot, binding, pole and xc clothing manufacturers under the Skilom name, carried Nordic skiing to an unprecedented number of countries worldwide. Skilom skis were imported to the US by Anderson/Thompson of Seattle, WA.

In 1968 and 1972 Magnar Solberg of Norway - with Madshus skis -- won Gold Medals in Biathlon at the Winter Olympics in Innsbruck and Sapporo, the only athlete to repeat as Olympic Biathlon Champion.

Fibreglass skis created a revolution in Nordic ski production in 1974, the same year Madshus began fibreglass production in its new factory, opened in Biri in 1972.

It is many years of ski manufacturing knowledge, Olympic medals from such great athletes like, Simon Slåttvik (1952), Håkon Brusveen (1960) and Thomas Alsgaard (1994, 1998, 2002) and Katerina Neumannova (2002) that has made Madshus the second largest ski manufacture in the world. Madshus looks forward to success at the Torino Olympics, and will present the Nordic world with its best ski, boot and binding program ever. Madshus - "The Cross Country Ski Company since 1906!"

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