Managerial Economics and Organizational Architecture by Brickley; 3 ed $15 (Astoria)

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    Used book in excellent condition: "Managerial Economics and Organizational Architecture" by James A. Brickley, Clifford W. Smith, Jr, Jerold L. Zimmerman (3rd Edition, 2004, Hardcover).

    Brickley/Smith/Zimmerman's new approach to managerial economics takes models from recent economics research and applies this research to the internal structure of the firm. After teaching basic applied economics, the authors look inside the firm and apply this analysis to management decision making.

    Offering an approach to managerial economics, this title takes models from modern economics research, and applies it to the internal structure of the firm. This title looks inside the firm and applies this analysis to management decision making. The general model used for this application is organizational architecture.

    Product Identifiers
    ISBN-10 0072828099
    ISBN-13 9780072828092

    Key Details
    Author: Clifford W. Smith, Clifford W., Jr. Smith, James A. Brickley, Jerold L. Zimmerman
    Number Of Pages: 704 pages
    Edition Description: Revised
    Format: Hardcover
    Publication Date: 2003-08-15
    Language : English
    Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

    Additional Details
    Edition Number: 3
    Copyright Date: 2004
    Illustrated: Yes

    Weight: 50.5 Oz
    Height: 1.3 In.
    Width: 7.9 In.
    Length: 10.5 In.

    Target Audience
    Group: Trade

    Table Of Content
    Part 1: Basic Concepts
    - Chapter 1 Introduction
    - Chapter 2 Economist's View of Behavior
    - Chapter 3 Markets, Organizations, and the Role of Knowledge
    Part 2: Managerial Economics
    - Chapter 4 Demand
    - Chapter 5 Production and Cost
    - Chapter 6 Market Structure
    - Chapter 7 Pricing with Market Power
    - Chapter 8 Economics of Strategy: Creating and Capturing Value
    - Chapter 9 Economics of Strategy: Game Theory
    - Chapter 10 Incentive Conflicts and Contracts
    Part 3: Designing Organizational Architecture
    - Chapter 11 Organizational Architecture
    - Chapter 12 Decision Rights: The Level of Empowerment
    - Chapter 13 Decision Rights: Bundling Tasks into Jobs and Subunits
    - Chapter 14 Attracting and Retaining Qualified Employees
    - Chapter 15 Incentive Compensation
    - Chapter 16 Individual Performance Evaluation
    - Chapter 17 Divisional Performance Evaluation
    - Chapter 18 Choosing the Legal Form of Organization*
    Part 4: Applications of Organizational Architecture
    - Chapter 19 Vertical Integration and Outsourcing
    - Chapter 20 Leadership: Motivating Change within Organizations
    - Chapter 21 Understanding the Business Environment: Economics of Regulation
    - Chapter 22 Organizational Architecture and the Process of Management Innovation
    - Chapter 23 Management Innovations and Organizational Architecture *
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