TrainWreck Rocket clone (AC30) 4x10 combo (East Brunswick)

New Jersey, ,
    For sale: (BIG PRICE DROP)

    TrainWreck Rocket amplifier clone, in a 4x10 combo format. This amp is based upon Ken Fischer's Rocket model, with the addition of a Variable Voltage Regulator (VVR) to enable you to control the overall output level of the amp in a very transparent manner. You probably know that the Rocket is Ken's take on the Vox AC30. As such, it has gorgeous clean tones, and a wonderful overdriven tone that is both smooth and bratty. Hand wired with great care, and loaded with great components, the best possible transformers, and some wonderful glass, this amp sounds amazing. The combo cabinet and speakers are from a Peavey Classic 50, with casters added, and a custom ordered slip cover included. Its been recovered in red tolex by the guy I bought the Peavey from (he didn't do badly either). This amp is loud, and bold, and really cuts through, but due to the VVR, can also be toned down significantly. Very manageable.

    Audio clip (clean, edge of breakup, medium overdrive):

    More photos here:

    BIG PRICE DROP - $625 local pickup in East Brunswick only
    Serious buyers only. I can small a scam a mile away, and will ignore you.
    Call for more details or to arrange a time to come and play the amp.
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