Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my ad available?
Your ad will be available as long as you need it. We don't remove our users content unless it violates our terms and conditions.

What's a commercial page?
A commercial page is a page within our site like (www.theclassads.com/your_company/group_name.html) for a group, or company that allows them to share their ads and a point of exposure, including company information like instructions to get to their business location, contact phones and other references.

Why publish here?
Our basic ads and groups are free, we are clean and if you require it, we can customize your company page to show ads with whatever detail you need on your ads, and even import them from a excel file, for a small fee of course, how much? It goes hand by hand with the complexity of your needs; let's start by contact our analysts about it

What is a VIP ad?
A VIP ad is a regular ad with extra paid exposure and larger size. It costs $15, payable thru PayPal. The add is up and approved within 24 hours, or as soon as payment is verified.

VIP ads